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Penny Proper
Our mission is to turn your loafers proper

Penny Proper is a Canadian fashion brand that allows for the personalization of the classic penny loafer. Launched in 2011 by two trend-setting friends faced with the issue of how to accessorize their penny loafers. The first product on the market of its kind to lead the revolt against the ordinary, PPs come in a variety of colours and patterns.

A loafer is defined as having no buckles or laces and over time has seen an interesting evolution. The first style was called a Weejun named after the flat, slip-on shoes worn by Norwegian fishermen. In the 1940s when pay-phones were still ubiquitous, split-lip strap across the vamp became a slot for emergency coins, or even good luck pennies!

In the 50s and 60s, loafers were worn by James Dean and Steve McQueen, boosting their popularity. They were a trademark of the preppy look and since the 60s have generally been worn without socks. Also worn by Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy and Don Johnson of Miami Vice, loafers have transitioned through many trends, yet remain a classic and understated shoe with long-term style value.

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